High School Rugby is played in spring.  2020 Practice will start in February on Mondays at 6:30 at the Watering Hole.  We will have a recruiting/parents meetings in February at our various High Schools.

Why play?

  • Rugby is a great sport, the ultimate team game
  • Anyone can run with the ball
  • Everyone plays, there is a position for every size and shape.
  • Culture - aggression on the field, camaraderie off the field
  • Strength, Agility, Speed and Power
  • Sportsmanship is key

If you are interested in playing,  contact us via email:


Equipment needed:

  1. Mouthguard
  2. Cleats - any soccer style cleat will work
  3. Practices - any athletic clothing suitable for the weather
  4. Games - Team socks and shorts,  Jerseys will be provided.

To participate in contact drills you must do the following:

  1. Join USA Rugby.  Follow the link to sign up.   Register as a member of Green Bay Leprechaun Rugby Football Club.
  2. Register with us
  3. Review Concussion forms for player and parent and turn in the State mandated Concussion form.

To participate in games:

  1. Pay your dues $100, you will get your team socks and shorts.

There will also be a fundraising opportunity to participate in. More to follow.

How to join:

Join us on Facebook and keep up to date with all the news 

Green Bay Leprechaun Rugby 

Our players come from the following schools:

Boy's High School Rugby for the West Side of Green Bay